Monday, July 08, 2013

UFO lights over Ohio 6th July 2013 Multiple videos

These UFO lights were recently filmed over Ohio on the 6th July 2013 Multiple witnesses and videos have come in of the lights with testimonials saying they were reminiscent of the Phoenix lights from 1997.
Multiple sightings have videos have in from Columbus, Commercial point and Grove city.
We would like to hear from any readers who have also witnesses these lights.
We recommend to view these videos in full screen:
Columbus Ohio 6th July 2013
Eyewitness comments:
These lights appeared in the southwest direction and began to form in a triangular formation, they faded out and reappeared in a straight, multiple eyewitness with video evidence.
Sighting No3 From Commercial Point Ohio 6th July 2013
Commercial pilot - filmers comments:
Huge Fire ball came out of the sky. It broke into three lights then five and hovered. The lights came on and off and even lined up horizontally and vertically.
Enhanced video - Grove City, OH July 6th 9.45pm:
Filmers comments:
My wife I were jogging at the local high school track @ 9:45pm on July, 6th 2013 When on my third lap of my workout I seen something in the sky. Would guess several thousand feet in the sky. I carry my iphone to log the miles ran on my arm. I made a poor attempt to capture it on video. You can see some of what we saw in the video though. The couple you hear at the end of the video were walking their dog and approached us as I recorded the
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Nick Ryan said...

Witnessed the exact same thing in southwest ohio. The lights appeared the be in the shape of a backward J instead of the J shape in the video. It first appeared as a meteor falling and began to break apart and fade in and out as the video correlates this.

Anonymous said...

Meteor Shower Sky Diving show by Fastrax Professional Skydiving Team

Tiffany Trout said...

It was fire skydivers at the scioto downs casino not a ufo

chris roy said...

I witnessed these and my recording looks very similar to this one, I was unable to get my phone up fast enough as I was perplexed at first. It began as one large almost flare with a comet tail. It then split into two, and then the four that you see on this video. It was definitely surreal.

chris roy said...

We were at an outdoor party and were looking in this direction (sw) when the was a large flare coming down from the sky. This then split into two, and then into four like you see in this video. It was definitely surreal. At a party with about 100 other people who saw it as well, and it certainly freaked out many and most of the kiddos.

Anonymous said...

Saw them too! I thought they were weird looking but then thought maybe they were paper lanterns, but then they blinked off and on! They moved in formation too!

Mike said...

It has been confirmed as fire skydivers from Scioto Downs casio and race track which is located in the direction of the lights.

Anonymous said...

I live in Springfield, Ohio. My son and I were driving back from a Zanesville baseball tournament when I saw the lights. It was like nothing I've ever seen. I saw the big triangular light first, then it broke into smaller lights that looked like they lined up into formation. The first light was much brighter, and approximatley 6-7 times bigger than the smaller lights i'm seeing in the videos. I woke my son up and he was pretty amazed too.

Jared Vedder said...

here u can use friend got some good footage...

Jared Vedder said... some good footage

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