Monday, September 09, 2013

UFO over Nat Bailey stadium in Vancouver remains unexplained September 3rd, 2013

This mysterious UFO over Nat Bailey Stadium’s Scotiabank Field during a minor league baseball game still remains unexplained.
I would like to hear your comments on what you think this object may be?
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Anonymous said...

One small point here, this video is not viewed over: Nat Stadium,it is viewed from Nat Stadium! and could have been any distance away,from the Stadium..How ever!..The zoom in, was very good, CLEAR!! Personally! I would have liked it even CLEARER, to examine! You could see the saucer shape,to identify it as such - so it is NOT a UFO! it is a flying
saucer!..For me it looked more like a flying Lid!:) or perhaps a Flying CGI!

Before I could hold my breath,the hole thing was over!..Too quick!! If this was real, most would see this as an amazing opportunity,and hold that camera, as steady as,and as long as they could for such an amazing shot.But NO!It was zoom in,zoom out,and OVER!! Like they weren't that much interested! what do you make of this? A BIT UNREAL, I
thought! but it is a clear shot,if it is real..but I doubt it! quick! I mean a shot like that needs more time &
detail to decide on..............................

Anonymous said...

I would like bring up again, the term UFO. [unidentified flying object] If for example, a "disc craft" is viewed,It can be said,to be - identified as a disc; a [Flying-causer] - & not a UFO. AS SUCH! But on the other hand,if this craft looks - "OTHER WORLDLY!?" - then one could ask, IS IT?? I mean, can WE, know the difference between
"OTHER WORLDLY" and say OURS! from the secret space program!? Probable NOT!!! So if we're justifying the term: UFO. then this can be,all in the way, how we think about what we seeing, yes? So it seems, the term UFO. is here to stay! just for that reason. - IS IT OURS OR THEIRS??? - That question, is unidentified......................UFO..?

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