Wednesday, October 02, 2013

UFO Sighting! Limasoll, Cyprus: 29/09/2013

The Fast flying objects were filmed over Over City Of Limasoll Cyprus. By their movements its likely not lanterns. Would like your opinions on what you think the objects may be:

Eyewitness comments:
This amazing sighting shows a perfect white ball of light moving over the town of Limasoll in Cyprus, The object is emitting its own light source of energy which is not flames but actual light and lanterns can clearly be scrubbed out and so can many many other airborne objects. Whitness statement: As i was walking around my neighborhood on September 27th 2013 i saw this strange light hovering on the sky which also changed colors to green. At first i thought it was a plane but as it got closer this thing was quite big and was hovering on the sky for about an hour and 5 minutes
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Are Ufos Real said...

That is a crazy UFO sighting! guess we are not alone.

Greg St. Pierre said...

One of the better videos lately. The motion rules out lanterns.

Anonymous said...

looks like a chopper to me, green light could be a light on the chopper.

willie waycup said...

Absolutely a genuine ufo vid. I've seen many ufos as I've constantly kept a vigilant eye to the sky after my first incredible no doubt sighting of low flying objects that were in no way of this earth. As for the commenter that says they look like helicopters, I say come on man maybe you don't know much about the laws under which they operate. This vid has great visual references and its clear at that distance the latest fastest choppers couldn't move in that manner or that fast let alone if they were remotely close enough to appear to move half the speed of the lower craft they would certainly be overwhelmingly loud. In short lol Awsome video love the audible reaction seems like his first encounter with his response. Thanx for sharing the vid keep watching the skys it gets even stranger.

willie waycup said...

The visual reference points in this video alone prove this can't possibly be even the latest military chopper. Esp at that distance the speed and dramatic quick turning capability isn't possible. Even if it was closer choppers can't fly that way and if it was closer it would obviously be extremely audible in the vids audio. Come on man keep looking up when u see a close encounter which u will if u watch the sky with dedication you might let your rational mind be rational THEY ARE HERE IVE SEEN MANY UP CLOSE. Anyway go back to sheep if u want. Great video keep watching the sky it just gets weirder.

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