Saturday, November 02, 2013

Halloween UFO! San Francisco: 31/10/2013

UFO lights! San Francisco,  31st October 2013:

Source MUFON:
Filmers comments:
My husband and I were sitting on the couch watching a movie when I noticed three orbs in my peripheral in the night sky at 10:00 pm on Halloween, 2013. The blinds on the southeastern facing window were drawn shut and I noticed them through the cracks of the blinds, which is how bright they actually appear in person. The video and still image (inserted at the beginning of the clip, view at this URL [Link moved to FI section ) do not do justice to these sightings as the orbs are very bright orange and of solid color, hence Ive dismissed the probability of Chinese lanterns. When viewed with my binoculars, these orbs are solid spheres of lurid hue. This is the third time weve seen them in the night sky, relatively the same spot in the sky each time, except this time there were three altogether, which I managed to photograph. By the time I began filming them, one had already vanished. As always during a sighting of similar orbs, there were no aircraft in the sky during the sighting and no aircraft sound emitting from these objects. The orbs were visible for at least two minutes and disappeared one by one, dimming out as they remained stationary in the sky. It was very eerie to say the least. Ive been stargazing since my childhood and have never seen anything like these until Nov. 2011 and again in Jan. 2013 in addition to this sighting. This is the third time both my husband and I have witnessed these lights over San Francisco and each time, we feel as though we have seen something that we cannot identify as a manned aircraft or Chinese lantern, or other familiar night sky object. It is very mysterious, and since this third sighting, I will undoubtedly keep my eyes peeled for further activity.
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Quentin said...

I actually saw something very similar to this a couple weeks ago while working on a dairy farm in SE Minnesota. I can't believe I actually found a video that I an use to show some people instead of just describe it. I thought I was just going crazy, but hell this is almost exactly what I saw, only I saw this happening all over the sky in different areas around the bluffs and above me. I am not one to post on UFO related videos, but wow - I am hoping this isn't fake, because then I really am going to be crazy.

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