Your Car Doesn't Need Oil - It Can Run On Water - Stan Meyer

The fact is, things could be different - your car could be running on water right now and not oil.
Seriously, there are people don't want you to know this energy and environment saving information.

Stan Meyer's Dune Buggy that ran on water. Hydrogen/Oxygen fuel in an ICE motor. On board electrolysis, no hydrogen tanks, no bombs on-board, just water and it ran 100 miles per gallon!

The truth is Superfast electrolysis is possible with pulsed high frequency currents and can break covalent water bonds instantly - requiring overall less energy to create then energy released. This is something that science won't accept for some reason.  It's a reason not believe the Wikipedia write-up on his technology, which is biased. Infact, people all over the world have recreated his technology and have got it working now.

It was a shame to hear that he was poisoned (March 98') and no longer with us. He died in the parking lot of a restaurant in his home town of Grove City, Ohio. Sharks came a week later and stole the dune buggy and all of his experimental equipment, according to his brother, Steve.  Stan said while he was alive, that he was threatened many times and would not sell out to Arab Oil Corporations.

Over the years RealUfos has posted about Stan Meyer - I suggest you read up  on all the news about his device. Is it just a  co-incidence that when any company over the world touches his work, they seem to get mysteriously get shut down as soon as they commence commercial production?
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