Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Triangle UFO to land on 22nd of January 07 at London airport?

I know this sounds weird but brian ladd one of the most accurate psyhics on the net says that according to this dream drawing a triangle shape ufo is going to land on January 22nd, at 11:AM at a London Airport.IS it going to happen? We have actually have had alot of airport UFO events recently such as Chicargo O'hare airport so it may be related to such events. Rate this posting:


Gary Clayton said...

I would love to see this happen. I am have been studying ufology for a few years now, and there is nothing that would be more fantastic than undeniable proof, and contact, though I have my doubts that this will happen. I have been to Brians site, and it is interesting, and he could be the real deal. But making such a claim could put him in a bad position if it turns out that nothing happens at all.
The world is in such a state that maybe these aliens, should they come in person, could offer a solution.
But I am crossing my fingers that they will come. I am a firm believer in the existence of life elsewhere in the universe, and that life is visiting us. So this is something that I am dying to see happen. So... Here's hoping! I will be watching the news for the next four days straight - Friday night, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Gary Clayton, Saint John, New Brunswick, East Coast Canada :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like he was just full of shit afterall..

Carl. -Norway

Arf said...

Took the word out of my mouth Carl.

Anonymous said...

hmm doesnt seem like it acctualy happend wow lost faith in that brian guy...and this site

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