Monday, January 15, 2007

The Ufo lecture by Philip Schneider that got him murdered

Here is the lecture that got him murdered, recorded 6 months before his death:

This story is very shocking indeed. Philip Schneider was a engineer who worked for the US government and in the last few years of his life revealed many secrets about what has being covered up. As a result he was murdered for this in 1996.

Phil Schneider, one of three people to survive the 1979 fire fight between the large Greys , US intelligence and military at the Dulce underground base.was found dead January 1996, due to what appears to be an execution style murder. He was found dead in his apartment with a piano wire wrapped around his neck. According to sources, it appeared that he repeatedly suffered torture before he was finally killed. Seven months prior to his death , Schneider did a lecture on the forces he had discovered at Dulce.

"It is because of the horrendous structure of the Federal Government that I feel directly imperilled not to tell anybody about this material. However I would like to mention that this talk is going to be broken up into four main topics. Each of these topics will have some bearing on what you people are involved in, whether you are patriots or not."
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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Philip Schneider mixes his story of aliens with a lot of stupid militia/world order philosophy. He says people should be skeptical, well, even if some of what he said was true, there is too much ultra conservative bull thrown in. For example:
Carbonite (element 140) weighs 4 or so times uranium but he handles it like it is an ounce and no one is allowed to touch it.

HIV, Ebola, etc. are a "designer" biological diseases. Huh? HIV came from SIV (a monkey disease) and was most likely transmitted to humans by their eating bush meat in Africa (which they still do).

The aliens have a plan to eliminate 5 of the 6 billion humans by 2029. Give me a break. What for?

Aliens get high on human Adrenal glands. If an alien wanted drugs don't you think they could easily make them? Why would they kidnap humans?
This can go on and on but the point is, don't believe much of what he says. There may be some truth but he also had another agenda. I certainly think alien craft exist but that doesn't prove there is a takeover on the way.

We could have a pandemic but that doesn't make it an aliens fault. It would most likely be an african's fault. Our military can't be 1200 years more advanced than what we have commercially. We can't even accurately predict things 20 years from now. Just look at semiconductors and nano technology. This came from human discoveries not some alien.

Go to Ray Kurzweil's or New Scientist sites and read about what humans are doing (real things).

Where are the proofs of his statements? Could some of his statements be truth, possibly, but why cloud it up with Waco, second amendment "rights", the twin towers attack on 9/11, etc? Just too much bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous...your anonymous.Therefore, credibility 0.Ur trying too hard to get the world´s attention. I´m just one respondent after four years. You should be ashamed of your performance. Please. Be ashamed. LOSER.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous-you are a sick human being-and I strongly doubt you have an IQ more than 90.

Anonymous said...

My impression is, SOME, wouldn't know how to address a letter,let alone make a half decent comment to Anonymous!?...Philip Schneider was SERIOUS!!!...He was there!..You were not! what in blazers are you all on about???...Keep an open mind! You have no need to believe,just consider!? Many stories will soon add up, to the obvious!.........................

Anonymous said...

Remember this, "Philip Schneider" has paid the ultimate price, for having informed us, of his line of work & on his astounding discovery
in his personal experience that at that time, very nearly cost him his life,as he had experienced. I'd
say he knew a lot,and needed to be
quietened! Same with, William Cooper, and others! In a way,this has confirmed their truth,or they would still be with us, one might think!?....................

sampochin said...

One thing, he wasn't killed for being a bullshitter

Anonymous said...

Well,they've been stopped from furthering their truth!!...................too late!?:)

Anonymous said...

They will always be remembered,for the conviction,they hold in their story!?..They had NO doubt,in what they had experienced!!..Their death, was an example to others, to keep their mouth shut!

But the truth of their story, WILL prevail!! as we read similar reports from others,with the same conviction!?..Its "THAT CONVICTION"..[That firmly held belief!] that is the mainstay to the very story they tell.In part,that is what makes a compelling story,in their truth.If the story told, is not true, then where does that "emotional body language" come from???
that expresses their firmly held belief.

You would need to be very good actors!?.............................

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