Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ufo in North Carolina Charlotte related to Nuclear power plant

people in the Charlotte area called 911 dispatchers and reported seeing a weird hovering light in the sky.

Emergency dispatchers answered the calls in Iredell, Lincoln, Mooresville and Huntersville Wednesday night. One Lincoln County officer reportedly saw it, and the National Weather Service in Greer, South Carolina got similar calls.

Even stranger - people in between the two areas in York, Gaston and Cleveland counties had no such 911 reports.

The Federal Aviation Administration had no reports of plane crashes, and law enforcement officers said they didn't see any extra-terrestrials.

George lund is the state director for the mutual UFO network - a group of amateurUFO investigators. He says the area around Lake Norman - and Mcguire Nuclear Plant - is a hot spot for UFO sightings. They think that they're coming in that area maybe to feed off some of energy that that plant is producing. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

where is the Ufo in the picture ? It´s only a convenient illustration ?
Any way,Thanks a lot for keep in your good job.

Anonymous said...

14 counties in South Carolina also saw this. Most reports were near the Duke Power power plant.

Anonymous said...

Maybe 'Duke' was freshening up some tritium triggers. If you are going to detonate some nuclear weapons you should always have fresh 'triggers.'

Anonymous said...

To have a story you must give the exact date and time of the event.

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