Tuesday, January 30, 2007


HONOLULU, Jan. 29 (UPI) -- A pair of airborne mysterious lights thought to be a UFO in Honolulu last week drew a crowd of onlookers and was captured on video by a local TV network.

Honolulu's KHON-TV reported those who witnessed the alleged UFO said two lights circled above Ala Moana Beach Park in the Hawaiian capital at 45 degrees above the horizon before disappearing.

"These two little fireballs with a stream behind it," Honolulu resident Peter Hollingworth said. "Looked kind of like a shooting star but it just kept going. They changed directions a few times, at first it was coming in then it turned, then it went out then it came back in again."

The unusual light show, caught on video by the Channel 2 SkyCam, immediately brought explanations from area experts.

While University of Hawaii astronomy Professor Gareth Wynn-Williams admitted the objects were a UFO in the basic sense, they were likely the icy remnants of a high flying airplane.

"This in a sense is an unidentified flying object," he said. "It's something in the sky that's moving that we haven't identified." Rate this posting:

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