Friday, April 13, 2007

New from Dr Steven M. Greer - Practical Applications Unbounded Mind

Dr Steven M. Greer - Hidden Truth Forbidden Knowledge - Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles - February 11, 2007 - You asked for it guys here it is: (watch it before its taken down again!)

Practical Applications Unbounded Mind Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles - February 12, 2007Part 1

Part 2
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Anonymous said...

It's rather boring to watch and listen the whole story from scratch... Would be great, if there is the only new "increment =)" info to what we heard before

Anonymous said...

I guess you can't have your cake and eat it.

I think they are pretty good vids, only they seem to cut of at around 1hour into playing

Ant. said...

This is great stuff.

What do you guys think of the comment on the G8 country supporting disclosure? Do you think this will happen anytime soon?

At first I suspected that it would be France but now I am not so sure with the new right wing president running the country.

Anonymous said...

well, France actually made its UFO archives public, just one prob for those who don't speak the language-there is no version of it in english. visit :

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