Thursday, May 10, 2007

An-Inconvenient Truth Video full - A must wtach

Hi all, I stumbled across the full version of this movie, its a must watch , the effects of global warming will be detrimental to all our lives within the next 50 years, - yes we will be effected by it in our life time!.

Unfortunatley due to coverups by the bush administration and immense pressure by oil companies like Exxon, the campaign to address global warming with urgency has been impared. Infact scientist now predict global warming is happening 100 times faster than predicted. We must look into free energy and other technologies to reduce our reliance on coal and oil.
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Anonymous said...

A hundred times faster! It's game over man.
So we will get that extra 2/3 degree Celsius 99 years sooner. Right?
Time to break out the sunscreen.

Dude, the movie is bogus and Gore is a hypocrite. Man's contribution to the TOTAL effect is almost negligible.

I love your site, saw a real UFO way closeup 10 years ago and I follow the news about them. Please stick to that.

Anonymous said...

"Man's contribution to the TOTAL effect is almost negligible"

Where is your hard scientific data to back this ludicrous claim?

Right, you don't have any, so please, have a nice glass of STFU

Anders said...

Man made global warming is a hoax. I find it hard to believe that a great blog like this could push it. Al Gore is a fear monger for the elite and his movie and numbers and the way he presents it is a complete joke.

The sun is heating up on a massive scale. This effects all the planets in the solar system including ours. Co2 emission follows AFTER a period of heating according to icecap records, and NOT the other way around as Gore is saying. There is good documentary about this you should push instead called "The great global warming swindle".

You must ask yourself. Why are the elite pushing this all of a sudden? Because they care about us? Is that why GM crops are killing of the honeybees? Is that why the are dumping DU all over the place? They know that deep down people are concerned about how we treat mother earth so they use this fake co2 hysteria to suck up all the energy into a fake solution which will serve their agenda and take things many steps forward to a global tax for the global government. This is indeed problem - reaction - solution in action on a global scale. They are now pushing one child policies and they advocate mass culling of population as some sort of religion. I guess after the global warming hysteria has served its purpose they will soon be using their final card. The alien "threat" ...

Please wake up to this. You blog is great by the way:>

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