Saturday, July 21, 2007

100's see ufo over Stratford again

ufos over stratford again, many people report seeing it, some people doubt that this happened again cause they are chinese lanterns but some dispute this as they moved real fast , anyways here the news report:

STRATFORD was the scene of an unexplained multi-sighting of unidentified flying objects on Saturday night - witnessed by more than 100 people near the town centre.

Four bright objects appeared in formation above the Warwick Road area, and were later joined by a fifth, at around 10pm.

The formation - which appeared without any sound - lasted 15 minutes and baffled those watching from the ground before fading away.

Witness Tom Hawkes saw the lights along with 15 other people celebrating his girlfriend's birthday at the One Elm in Guild Street.

He said: "I just saw this light appear, then three others. Everyone said, 'What's that?' Then a fifth one moved in, quite fast. I have no idea what they could have been. Maybe someone else can offer an explanation. There were so many people around who must have all seen it, most people near us were watching them."

The extraordinary scenes were also witnessed by the staff of the One Elm. Chef Kern Griffiths said: "I saw five lights, we all thought they were hot air balloons - one caught up with the others going very fast - too fast I thought for a balloon. Also, if they had been balloons you would have been able to see more of the balloon itself, but you couldn't."
source Stratford Herrald Thu, 19 Jul 2007 16:30 EDT

Mr Hawkes captured the remarkable images on video, as did other customers at the One Elm. He is planning to send his clips to relevant agencies to be examined. Rate this posting:

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Anonymous said...

Each day more evident. Every day more near. What is happening ? Someone has an explanation ? brrrr.....

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