Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Excellent new ufo documentary ' Reason to Believe '

This is a great new ufo video aired on discovery called reason on believe , with well known ufo researchers such as stanton friedman it gives a good ubiased view with hard factual data on the most famous cases and an overall view of ufo history
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
PArt 4
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Anonymous said...

Some people ask Matt to release only UFOS information in this blog. I´m not agree. Everything is involved in the historic moment. The UFOS phenomen and the hide histories about it are only the iceberg´s top.The goverment´s secrets, the diversion strategies they are carrying out,the evident wish of some people to hide any things around the histoy are related with actions like the intentional disapeering of certain technologies and people they consider dangerous. Today we can´t expect get the truth from the great newspapers or TV news. Blogs are the peoples hope to obtain answers.
The real Earth´s changes are running yet without our permisso.
We need to Know the truth is outhere. ( Mulder )

A latin UFOS observer

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work
brilliant stuff

Anonymous said...

dear poster starting with "Some people ask Matt...."
i think u are getting things mixed up. A lot of things are interesting . That is right. But this site has a special profile. It would be a pity to try to make a second jeff rense site ( ). That alreday exists.
This site can only be unique if it keeps its profile, that it earlier on had.
As the englishman say: never change a winning horse.
Do one thing right.... and that is it.
If you change the concept and bring up a lot of other interesting stuff
you have to change the name of the site. Then the name "The best real ufo..." is no longer correct.
Why do you not make up a site "Interesting stuff"?

Anonymous said...

I agree totally with the last post. There already too many jumbled, take-my-world-view-or leave-it sites. I come here for one thing THE BEST REAL UFO VIDEOS!

Roxanne said...

Hi this site is so cool. Keep posting for more about ufos.

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