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Bob White - physcial evidence of ufos?

Found this interesting post on ATS:
An object that was recovered by Bob White following a UFO encounter in Colorado in 1985. In 1996, White was flown to LANL, the classified Los Alamos National Labs for an analysis of his evidence and was told by Senior staff that the object he recovered was extraterrestrial. The lab denied this later. The Los Alamos official analysis was published for the first time in White's book UFO Hard Evidence (Galde Press 2005). He insists that the results reveal ‘inept or intentionally misleading scientific results’.

The Object claimed to have been recovered by Bob White
during his UFO encounter in 1985. Pic Courtesy: ufoevidence

However, he is the only man known to have purportedly recovered physical evidence from a UFO encounter. Here’s the piece.…

In 2000, White claimed that a declassified U.S. Army document from the 1940's titled "UFOs in Denmark" has multiple images of an object nearly identical to the one he recovered some 40 years later.

A US ARMY CIC Documents from the 1940's describes an object amazingly similar to Bob White's in File 202085 "Flying Saucers in Denmark". A Freedom of Information Act release of all US Army documents related to UFO's reveals startling information that may support Bob White's claims. Tests performed by MIT research associate Robert Golka and Larry Cekander, Lead Projects Coordinator at Museum of the Unexplained have created an intense interest with members of the scientific community to look at the Bob White Object with a more in depth study that wasn't forth coming before the Neutron Bubble Chamber tests done in November of 2006 in San Diego.

Neutron Radiation should not be present in the object. The radiation exists. Many other things present in the metal shouldn’t be there either but the Thermal Neutron test is a definitive finding of off earth origins. "I believe Bob White has the real hard evidence of extraterrestrial visitation,"says Franklin Carter, president of the Institute for UFO Research.
Scientist think some other academics who have examined the object might have deliberately tried to cover up the truth about it's alien origins.

The Los Alamos report concluded the object was not a meteor but an unknown object of unknown origin. Rate this posting:

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