Sunday, December 16, 2007

Unmarked helicopters strong presence during the 2007 crop circles season

It seems the military have an ongoing concern about crop circles as seen by their continued interest during the 2007 crop circles season:
Helicopter lands on crop circle -(Poster comment: We were in Eastfield while these Helicopters tried to land into the OM formation.. in the video it is flying away .. near ground..)

Helicopters and the 2007 crop season

Intimidation: (poster comments - Myself and my husband went to Knapp hill in Wiltshire, UK to film mars when it was it's closest to earth a few years ago. We noticed the military were flying around in the distance. We were the only car on the hill when he suddenly turned and came straight for us. It terrified me. I filmed them fly just feet above our car:)

Andrew colins - the army and crop circles
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