Sunday, March 02, 2008

TR-3B , a government made Triangle Ufo ?

This is the first of what i have heard about the TR3B - Master Sargent of the US airforce Edgar Fouché explains it is an apparent man made triangle ufo. Not sure how true all of this is but it is an appraent off-shoot of the aurora project:

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LEAX said...

Ok and who made aliens that were abducting ppl :) ?

LEAX said...

China !

LEAX said...

And another thing .. why do they develop jets too if they can make flying triangle T3-3B ? huh ?

Alien Contactee said...

It's been around the block for quite a while.


LEAX said...

hmm if i see good its from year 2000 lolz

Saint said...

The TR-3b I saw something that was a hugh trianle craft in November 1 2007. 6:12am it was nothing like this one. This was the size of 3 or 4 triangled wing bombers the Northrop put out long time ago. There were lights all on the bottom like windows and one very bright light at the top which was round and the beam came down ligt a upside down V. This was in Bowie, MD where I saw it. It moved very slow at first with no sound at all and was maybe a thousand feet above the tree tops. I was low but the size of it made it look like it was WOW. I then pick up speed still with no sound and before I new it was almost out of sight. I have never seen anything that fast and I was in the US Air Force and have been around all types of aircraft.

Anonymous said...

LEAX said...

Ok and who made aliens that were abducting ppl :)

I say...

PLF or programmed life forms, are part of the black USAPs (unacknowledged special access program).

Check out Steven Greer and the Disclosure Group.

An outside alien threat would unite the peoples of the world and accept one world government. A one world government ruled by the same faction/powerblocks that deny us the real truth about the UFO reality.

Anonymous said...

Fouche gave his talks in 1998, he mentioned a "nuclear thermal propulsion" for moving the anti-gravity devise and "quasi crystals" as part of the vehicle's skin. Back then he was laughed at for using these terms, but in 2004 the NASA introduced a "nuclear thermal propulsion" to the public, as well as a new material called "quasi crystals"!

Anonymous said...

LEAX, your an idiot. That's like asking why why do we build armored personnel carriers when we have the Abrams tank? Or, why do we still dispatch and use the F-15 when we have the Stealth Fighter?

It's like asking a question like that, only multiply the significance a thousand times over.

In other words, at a cost that is millions of time more expensive and still limited to the extent of the new technology being implemented, we cannot live in a world populated by the most cutting edge technology for all things-- or even anything for that matter.

Aircraft like these take decades to develop to a level in which they can be designated for a specific, regular task.

People like you bash progressive, unhindered minds and create a world of frustration for the rest of us. Go read a book.

Anonymous said...

I think this is very fascinating and since I am a skeptic from time to time I would be the first to latch on to this theory. I know for a fact me and my ex saw this very vehicle described as the Black Triangle. I do not know if it is this TR3-B or not. Since no records are released showing this technology exists how can we be certian.

Another thing that catches me off guard is the fact that a lot of theories on Alien aircrafts could really be smashed if the government would just explain this technology and that this is what we have seen over the years.

....Or are they afraid we will ask exactly how this technology was acquired? My only complaint is that something of the nature should not have been seen over belgium if this is a U.S. government project! We should not allow this sort of technology to fall into somebody else's hands. So would we really risk flying it over other countries? In either case it is something worth looking into.

Ensenata said...

This might answer some questions..

They don't put these type of aircraft in production because the world leaders (you know who I mean) want to keep us in line with craft that needs fuel, so we work for them, pay their self generating debt.

And because developing these crafts goes with persons we aren't allowed to know still excist.. Nazi's.. Since they were the first to find out the secret of Anti Gravity / Free Energy.

For which they needed first a space - time relativity folder, they found out how with "Die Glocke", using some kind of structure like StoneHenge.

Which gave them the idea to use round / disc aircraft.. your HollyWood space alien aircraft.

Those discs are all radiocontrolled, no grey men with big black eyes aboard.
One of those saucers (VRIL) crashed in New Mexico in 1947... This is how America got hand on Anti Gravity for the first time.. together with some drawings and stuff they found in Germany underground bases (Haunebu saucer models).

They then sent out Admiral Byrd in 1947 to Antartica with a huge army.. to test equipment.. what was odd because so short after the war, spending that kind of money to "test" stuff.. which they could do on Greenland, which is alot closer..

(Antartica is now masked on Google Earth.. just so you know).

Remember Nazi's were good in digging tunnels.. And Antartica has more landmass than Europe, and there are supposedly hot water sources underground, with green pieces of land.. and even more secret stuff, it's not even fully discovered yet.. which I think is quite odd aswell.. we've seen the "actual" moon for god's sake, with crazed out lightning sources though.

Anonymous said...

Its a FACT people ...i saw it in Nov. 1997 and off to its side was a chase plane.. probably a T-33 or F-16.. i know this because i worked flight test at EAFB and that's how they test new craft. It was flying in class "G" airspace approx. FL140 maybe lower..absolutely quiet..and emanating a wavy type energy field.
I want to impress upon you that its HUGE... since i"ve seen the B-2 and know its shape quite well, i"d say it was at least twice its size!! And yes im a pilot and avionics tech and amateur astronomer...i know my aircraft and sky intimately and it was NOT a B-2 bomber...I've also seen two Metallic orbs along with three witnesses when i was younger...those were real too! I observed them with my binoculars.

Anonymous said...

is this blog active...?

Anonymous said...

HOLY SH!T i saw this just a few months ago, the second time i watched it i turned up my speakers and noticed they said "with a small light in the mdlle, but the way i saw it , it was a small light off the left side of the craft (left side of the craft completely appeared off of the craft) probably just the angle i saw this thing at, but i was completely frozen when it passed by over head as i saw in total disbelief, anyway it was cool sh1t seeing this thing!!

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