Saturday, April 05, 2008

UFO Stops Then Shoots Off-Meteors Don't Do This ?

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High Altitude UFO Peel Out / Summer, 2000 - Taken from the Sattva Sanctuary. You'll want to play this one back several times. The UFO (the top light) lights up from a still position, then zooms off past the star (lower light) at high speed, just like a hot rod! This shows conclusively that these objects can not be satellites or meteors.
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Anonymous said...

At first I thought it was a satellite because satellites are sometimes mistaken for UFOs.

Watching the clip a couple of times I noticed that it was stationary and then took off.

I know what it's not and that's a jet plane , helicopter , meteor , rocket , balloon or a blimp.

But then again it could be a pane of glass with a light reflecting against it to give the illusion of something flying.

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