Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Man in Liverpool Uk records several UFOs on Mobile Phone

There have been so many UFO reports and videos coming out from Uk over the past month ! - particularly from the area of Wales and liverpool. Its definitely an area of high activity at the moment. Here is another recent report where a man recently recorded a ufo over liverpool:

A Liverpool man claims to have seen several UFOs hovering in the sky around the city and filmed them on his phone. Vince Pybis said he saw a light above the bushes in Sefton Park and got his phone to film it, by which time six more had appeared.

Callers into BBC Radio Merseyside's also said they saw the lights in the Knotty Ash and Prescot areas. Merseyside Police said they were not worried and no-one called the control room about the sightings.

But Mr Pybis said: "I'm a sceptic, I didn't believe in UFOs. But until you've actually seen one - well I saw seven - then I thought, they are out there."


Another recent sighting in Liverpool 16.6.08
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Endrid.D.Cold said...

Hold still dumbass! I really don't know what to make this one. To me at least, a cell phone camera is much, much easier to stablize than it's heavier and bulkier counterparts. One can use virtually anything that is fixed and stationary as a ready tripod (so to speak). Even someone who is drunk can hold a cellphone steadier than this guy. I'm not saying that the image is hoaxed, just dancing a bit much for me.

Anonymous said...

guys this is nothing but a sky lantern,they look like UFOs from far at night and together are very similar to UFO fleets. check them out here

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