Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scientists create man made flying Ufo

This new article is very interesting indeed - one thought comes to mind however - is this the fruits of years of successful back engineering?:

June 23, 2008 -- A new wingless, saucer-shaped aircraft is scheduled to take to the skies. Just don't call it a UFO. Subrata Roy, a scientist at the University of Florida, calls his aircraft a "wingless electromagnetic air vehicle," or WEAV, and if it flies he says it could usher in a new age of aircraft design.

"If this works and we are able to fly it, this will be a quantum shift in how we see flying objects," said Roy. The WEAV will fly based on a physical phenomena known as magnetohydrodynamics.

Whether a craft moves through water or air, the principle is the same.

In Roy's WEAV there will be two different sets of electrodes placed on a thin ceramic plate. One set will be located on the top and bottom of the craft to move ionized air down, providing lift, and another set along the sides to propel the aircraft forward. The electrodes create a conducting fluid by ionizing the surrounding air into plasma.

The force created by passing an electrical current through this plasma pushes around the surrounding air, and that air creates lift and momentum and provides stability.

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Sardo said...

Whoever wrote this headline needs to be beaten! A UFO is unidentified!!!
So scientists built something that is...unidentified??? Morons!!!

Sardo said...

Whoever wrote this headline needs to be beaten! A UFO is by definition unidentified! So scientists built something that they can't identify???

Anonymous said...

o great. now ufo sightings wil be dismissed as just another weav

Anonymous said...

Sardo: Imagine! OMG OMG


This article is interesting. SO many reports of UFO's involve "static" in the air and so on. Rendelsham for example. The shape.. a disk, is exactly what you would use for a vehicle that simply ionizes air for propulsion. It can go in whatever direction it chooses and still remains aerodynamic. As they say, it spins for stability, hence another reason to keep the design as simple as possible. The army has probably been experimenting with this technology for a LONG time now (the science is nothing new). And, how do UFO's perform such amazing maneuvers while still having it's occupants. Is it.. some form of artificial gravity keep things in equilibrium? No, these metal disks typically don't have occupants.

Guys/gals, this explains a lot.

Next thing: Aliens that are more advanced than us are probably WAY WAY WAY more advanced than us. In other words, flying saucers are ours and always have been. Aliens are probably navigating the universe in ways we can't even comprehend, we the apes from the little star on the third rock.

Endrid.D.Cold said...

I really have difficulty believing that this experiment, even if it is successful, will have much of an impact on UFOlogy. Remember the Avro-car? What was suppose to be the ultimate breakthrough in wingless hovercraft, turned into a scientific sitcom. It was pathetic. Anyway, if this vehicle is the result of the reverse engineering of crashed UFO's, the technology gained from it was carefully manipulated and planted by the extra-terrestrials. They are not stupid enough to allow a genuine ET vehicle to be found and dissected by the barbarians of Earth. First of all, I am a 1000% certain that all these so-called crashed vehicles are a ruse. I doubt that the combined forces of nature and man have the ability to bring one down. Virtually EVERYTHING that we can conceive as a thinking species is ancient history to these visitors. WE SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO MANIPULATE EVEN THEIR SIMPLEST TECHNOLOGIES. No - we are reverse engineering sticks and stones, NOT their true creations!

Lich said...

So where is that craft? I wish i could see picture.

Anonymous said...

The idea sounds really cool though. I'd love to read more or see it in action.

Anonymous said...


david said...

sardo needs to learn how to read , it clearly states at the beginning dont call it a ufo

Tom said...

and Sardo Needs to learn the meaning of UFO (unconventional flying object) a flying disk isn't unknown, it's a flying disk. The fact that the disk is flying is unconventional (doesn't look/sound like it should be in flight)

Anonymous said...

nothing new its called magnetohydrodynamics check out US patent #3322374 filed in 1964 and many others.

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