Saturday, July 12, 2008

something seen over Barry, 2:10pm, Friday 11th 2008

could be a ballon - what you think guys?

posters comments
Gladstone Road, Barry, 2:10pm, Friday 11th 2008. I was in the van on the side of the road and my mate had just gone in the house. I turned my camera phone on (LG Viewty) to take some lovely pictures of me, hehe, but then I turned my video camera on bcoz I was waiting for my mate and wanted to play with something Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

Not a balloon....look how windy it is

Anonymous said...

i dont think it was a ballon it did not go the same way as the wind.

Anonymous said...

It was a ballon that was photoshoped into moving away. If you'll notice at the very beginning of the video, there is another strange object (balloon) in the upper right corner over the building. Why didn't he zoom in on that one? Also, after the object "flew away", why did he jump out of the car and put the camera in EXACTLY the same place that the ballon had been instead of pointing it toward where it flew off to?

Easily dismissed as a perpetrated hoax.

Anonymous said...

LOL, thats a humminbird guys, thats exactly how they fly, they also like to hover like that sometimes. I know because of how it flew away and also because it shifter spots a bit... it was checkin out the area... we get them all the time here.

Quinroxanne said...

Great editing. Good job,you almost convinced me.

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