Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tornado scared off UFO in Lancashire ?

Another very interesting photo and article from the Sun in their continual UFO column:

Here's an extract of the article :

A TORNADO may have scared off a UFO about to land in Lancashire, a dad who snapped the bizarre incident said last night.Pat Regan was nearly blown over as he photographed the twister during a fishing trip. But it wasn’t until he got home and enlarged the image on his PC that he spotted the UFO.

Mythology writer Pat, 51, who was with his daughter Jasmine, seven, said: “I noticed this weird speck. I blew it up and there it was — a UFO hovering right beside the twister.

“It’s a perfect disc shape and greenish in colour. If it was a little green man he probably took one look at the weather and thought twice about landing!”


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