Monday, September 01, 2008

Coyne UH-1H Helicopter UFO Incident 1973

The Coyne UH-1H helicopter-UFO encounter 1973 (occured at the start of a major UFO wave that was happening in the USA in the latter part of 1973 to early 1974) which was a situation wherein a helicopter and its crew were apparently moved from about 1,500ft to 3,500ft of altitude in a time of a few seconds without any feeling of acceleration by the crew.Interviews with the helicopter crew members, from an extract from the 1979 documentary "UFOs: It has begun"
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Anonymous said...

Good find!! way to go, Matt!

Anonymous said...

Nice piece of info.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea Rod Sterling , did a show on UFO's . Absolutely incredible thanks for posting it Matt...

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