Saturday, September 06, 2008

Stephenville city officials now demand answers from US airforce

As you guys know there was a mass ufo sighting back in January in Stephenville which was conviently explained away 2 weeks later after a flip flop explaination by the US airforce as some training exercise. But now According to this article Stephenville city officials are now demanding if a government exercise was being performed, why they weren't notified ahead of time.

"I want to know why public officials weren't notified of a large military operation in our area," said Stephenville City Councilmember Mark Murphy. He has filed a complaint with U. S. Air Force and the Federal Aviation Administration, demanding answers.
CBS news report on council complaints:

"My main concern is public safety," said Councilman Murphy. "I want to make sure that if anything like this is going on, people are alerted."

But residents were mixed on what the public needs to know.

"I think the government needs to let us know when we need to know, but on something like this, it's not appropriate," said Stephenville resident Cliff McMinn.

"I think the city has a right to know," said Dell Eastwood, a resident of Stephenville. "I guess the federal government doesn't think they do."
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