Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2 Ufo crafts reported over Serbia

Guys this report is just in From Serbia -If have photos of it reply to this post:

Two unidentified craft and a being, described as an alien, was spotted by over thirty witnesses in Serbia. Serbian Radio Stations have been flooded by calls from the town of Zenta, where a cluster of cars leaving the town westward have been halted on the road as two craft identical one to the other landed on the roadway.

It is being reported that one was hazy completely and blue light covered it, the other was more clear and cone shape with flat top. One hovered and a being described as grey-green four foot with large black eyes a small mouth and no ears floated to earth from a mere height of one meter then quickly returned to the craft and both sped off.

Witnesses included two truck drivers, a town GP, two nurses, and other labourers.The authorities came to the scene and dispersed the crowd that gathered.Local police are claiming what was seen was a set of party balloons. However all witnesses say this is out of the question and that the crafts were sophisticated, humming, glowing and shot off upwards.
Witnesses say the alien was life-like and moved as a human.One witness Alexander Petrovic says, “this was the strangest thing I ever saw and cannot accept it was a balloon.”
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Anonymous said...

This is a "news" from third august 2008. The source for this is really bad ...

Anonymous said...

this just in... some people said an alien spoke to them. sources cant be verified, but the aliens gave them forbidden knowledge and flew away.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit i did not here this news and i am from serbia. I never heared of Zenta.

Anonymous said...

"Zenta" is the Hungarian name of that town. Serbian name is "Senta".

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