Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Robbie Williams at Mt Adams Trout Lake, Washington

As you may knows guys
Mt Adams in Trout Lake, Washington is the place for Ufos at the moment.
A Major event seems to be happening there with orbs and Ufos being filmed in the mountains every day.
Now Robbie Williams with the Abovetopsecret Team visited the area and recorded some videos and an interview with Robbie on the Spot.
Click here to listen to the interesting interview with Robbie and the Videos ATS caught on the scene. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

There is NO major event anywhere but in you butt.
And the whole gay pride parade is comming!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The only orbs at Mt Adams are in Robbies asshole.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a Shit about what gayboy robbie williams thinks hes allready had the anal prob the Guys a MINDCONTROLed freek get a life MATE

Anonymous said...

I swear that robbie guy sucked my cock once.
I recognize those cock sucking lips anywhere.

Pete said...

Why is the same dude typing 4 times in here?

Who is the gay now u may ask. A guy that like 2 talk to himself LOL
What a sorryass little kid.

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