Monday, January 05, 2009

Scary News! Australia turns into China - Mandatory internet censorship shortly

The times of writing freely on this blog may be limited...
Some shocking news is coming out about the new mandatory internet censorship coming to us here Australia shortly. As you may know the only other countries which censor the internet are Dubai and China. The reasoning behind the australian filter is complicated, politicians argue its to filter out child porn - however even when government studies say it won't be effective the government is instant in pressing ahead for some reason:

.. There are serious freedom of speech and civil liberties at stake as the filter can be broadened to block out any content the government deems unacceptable (like even this blog!):

The internet filter will also be extended to torrent and bitorrent files and with enough industry pressure there is the likelyhood the filter will be later applied to stop download of music and videos in the future from peer to peer networks. It seems crazy that this can happen in a democracy and it is a warning sign for other countries.
After reading the recent web bot forcasts for 2009 it becomes obvious however that there is much more going on here - it seems that Australia is the 'testing ground' for the role out of global internet censorship (thus the reason why the government is pressing ahead when all its studies say not to!)
So what can you do ?
. Please sign the petition here to stop the internet filter.
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Anonymous said...

It's just the on-going battle for intellectual property rights.

Bittorrent is a binary download technology for mostly warez and video/mp3/and software piracy.

It's not that we CAN'T do it, it's rather SHOULD we do it.

There is no business model to make an honest buck off of one's work if the market has turned into a free-for-all for freebie distribution.

It really is a type of stealing, when you get right down to it.

Me said...

Anonymous - you sound like "Censorship is YEAH YEAH YEAH"
Go ahead with your nazi-capitalism-dictatorship-mind and see how the world overtakes you on the left

Stealing is not right as long as some have a lot and others dont - if all have the same (like internet is used) the same thing is just GIVING like the bible said it

If it is from the poor it is terror - if it is from the rich it is war

It's not just an on-going battle ... people who can freely read on the internet understand what i'm saying

money is not money its just paper we trust in it is worth something. Market is the same illusion. Once earth was flat - today capital and market is the only thing there is -WRONG!

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