Saturday, January 10, 2009

UK Ministry of Defence now says damage to Wind Turbine not ufos but from secret unmanned stealth bombers?

As usual guys the Uk government has stepped in now with this Wind Turbine ufo event to spin a convenient story because video footage of the Ufo seen above the wind turbine just before it broke is coming out and it changes everything for them... 
They say the cause of the incident may be from an Unmanned stealth bomber colliding into the turbine as it was flying around the area at the time of the collision  (read more about this from the Sun here)

As you've all seen time and time again with big ufos cases such as stephenville, the phoenix lights, roswell etc when footage or evidence comes out and looks like it may add to disclosure the government often goes into damage control to spin a story to avoid this - often changing their story to invent a suitable explanation round the evidence.

Although originally the Uk MoD said that they "were not looking into the incident" - because it poses "no threat to national security" , they have now gone back on this (what a shock !)  . Hmm if i was the Uk Mod i think i would make sure i knew exactly the whereabouts and  flight paths  of a  expensive test plane that costs hundred of 
millions of dollars and not just guess that yes it must have crashed into some random wind turbine at very low altitude and then kept flying ( and anyway why was it flying so low - what about safety of the public ?) 

I think the Uk Mod knows exactly whats going on here and i don't buy this story and I think we should wait for more video evidence to come out about the ufos seen over the area that night....

Any  comments on this guys?

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Anonymous said...

Innnteresting.. this lends to my theory that it's not "alien" but some form of super technology developed here on earth, and they're calling it "unmanned stealth" to acknowledge it's ours, but misleading with regard to its workings. People think "stealth bomber/fighter" but I think they're experimenting in new forms of propulsion they're afraid will become popularized. The only thing is why would this claim only be in the daily mail? I can't find it in any other popular news sources. I mean, if they admitted this.. that's worth international attention is it not?

Anonymous said...

wait.. it says "insiders".. k that's why

not official

Anonymous said...

ahaha Unmanned stealth bombers. Ok, sure why not. But why are stealth bombers flying unmanned over the public. Isn't that a risk? Even if they aren't carrying anything, they are unmanned. That's a risk all in itself. There is no reason why they were there. This story will change in the future. No doubt.

Anonymous said...

What! the U.K. has unmanned stealth bombers?
We have troops with basic equipment.
We have unarmored vehicles for them to travel in.
The aircraft is old, VERY old.
And we have unmanned stealth bombers.

Dr Reason said...

"The Sun" is about as trustworthy as Viz Magazine for facts.

Anything reported in the Sun is questionable. The paper sells because you're guaranteed to see a topless bird on page 3.

Thats where reality ends and the "news" begins.

Think National Inquirer as in the US.

Dr Reason

Anonymous said...

Good Sir! Secret unmanned stealth bombers? Fine. Please show to the public that very bomber, because there will be some dent, some scratch, some wound to it.

Anonymous said...

if it was a bomber, why was there no debre left behind from either the plane or whatever

nick dk said...

Because the stealth bomber can not crash or getting damage.

Its pretected with a layer of swampgas and built from pieces of fallin meteor.
And if its hit by a missile, planet Venus will keep it from crashing because of the gravity.

This is gonna be the next statement from the UK goverment.

Just wait and see.

The are no better then in the USA.

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