Wednesday, January 21, 2009

UFO sighting over the sky of Tehran - IRAN sep 2008

Interesting Ufo video everyone .. any comments?

Posters comments:
I took this video on Sep. 2008 in the sky of Tehran. Also I took the IR shots to determine the probability of heat based engine on this thing. As you can see there is no trace of jet engine. I am not sure whether it is extraterrestrial UFO or not, but it was silent and stable in the sky for about 15 mins without any move and then suddenly moved with the high speed and disappeared without any noise.
There was two of them but the first one left after 5 mins.
I wondered if it's spy-plane but no such a plane has lights.
I saw this thing two times. And also look at it through telescope, it was completly V-shaped UFO and the body was not visible due to its lights.
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Timon Weller said...

Good UFO vid, there needs to be more open credit given for these shots and more open investigations onto these..

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