Sunday, January 18, 2009

Latest new Ufo Hunters Alien Fallout 2009

Always interesting this new episode of Ufo Hunters is great: In December of 1980,near Houston, Texas, two woman and a boy were buzzed by a diamond-shaped object so hot it burned the women. The craft was allegedly circled by helicopters before moving away. The witnesses claim they saw (23) helicopters looking for something; others saw a craft moving over the trees. Later, both women suffered mysterious illnesses and death. The surviving boy, Colby, describes the craft spewing flame and heat at their car, and one of the women got out, fascinated. Other witnesses also suffered illness. A doctor opines that the symptoms the women had indicates radiation poisoning...
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Anonymous said...

I've long suspected that the majority of these sightings and ufos are simply misidentifications and secret aircraft. Perhaps there are alien ufos as well, but mostly it's us, messing with technology.

Anonymous said...

On-board visual CCTV and radar failed. Pilots were left flying blind. Reactor was intact.

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