Friday, January 09, 2009

Wind Turbine UFO Strike makes global media news - videos of the ufo shortly...

The Ufo that hit a wind turbine on the 4th of Jan in lincolnshire in the UK is big news now all over the world. Infact it just made the news here in Australia!. The fact is there may be real physical evidence of damage from a Ufo is strengthening the story as well as the fact that video footage of a ufo and lights were taken a few hours before the event directly above the turbines (anyone have the video link for this?)
Below is a summary of all the current news stories running on the event.. stay tunned to the blog for more on this story as it comes out...
Sky news - Councillor confirms Ufo did destroy the windmill -updated

sky again..




Five - has photo and witness testimonials

Please anyone with links to the video and photos of the Ufo filmed a few hrs before the turbine sbroke - pelase reply to this post. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

"well, i guess its military operative stealth triangle shaped flight that are extremely huge. It was on training mission and fired stealth laser x-ray beams on the windmil". Maybee or maybee a UFO.
My point is, this is a very bad coverage of a so called UFO case. To even claim that E.T`s might have something to do with a broken windmil, its crazy. Imagine E.T`s coming down to earth, if their intentions was to shoot something down or blow something up, i dont think the E.T`s needs to practice on a windmil. I got a theori, maybee some kids tossed a stone towards the windmil and hit the blades, i thought of a bird, but its way to light. This report destroys the credebility of the UFO subject. When scepticals watch this case on the news, they will laugh at it, why, no evidence. It will only create speculations and parranoia among the crowd.
The new jersey lights where better, some interesting footage, but i got a creepy feeling of military involvment in the new jersey light episode..

Anonymous said...

Or maybee autonome probs or autonome aircrafts..

Anonymous said...

it's to create a new false enemy?
or why a ufo would distruct a wind turbine?
whas it only a wind turbine?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it is this false enemy business/keeping secret technology under wraps. I doubt it has anything to do with aliens either. I think it's about having amazing technology that's being kept under wraps as not to disclose how it works.. and I don't mean because it's alien. I mean because it's just too awesome and gives MAJOR advantages to whoever possesses it aka the richest people in the world and the MIC.

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