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Anonymous said...

something like this.

its not a UFO

The best real lights said...

Whoa, I like this one a lot!
It shows just how hard it is to capture a decent image with a camcorder.
So what was it?
Well what ever it is worthy of the title U.F.O.

Anonymous said...

Now that was the best ufo video I've seen in ages.

Anonymous said...

One thing I've always wondered is: What do people really expect from disclosure? I mean, hypothetically, if a relatively small number of people did know about some aliens and their agendas with mankind, do you really think some representative would stand at a podium some day and tell us? I think the only way it could happen would be if aliens themselves had a big reveal. Or you warm the public up with more news media relating to the subject, and then stage some event that more or less becomes the defining "they're here" broadcast. I sometimes think the government is staging events in order to tell us that they know they exist, but we can't quite get them to do the big reveal, because, well, they don't like us that much. But, here, we'll stage some UFO events, talk about it more, and you'll gradually come to learn they exist anyway... except through fake scenarios.

Anonymous said...

This is an infamous hoax !
Just garbage bags glued toghter!
Cmeon Matt!

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