Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ufos and the nuclear connection

Since nuclear weapons became a reality since world war 2 Ufos have increased their presence - is this no co-incidence?. Many major Ufo events have infact occured over military installations where weapons are stored (like Rendlesham, Patterson Air Force Base, & other nuclear silos in the USA) So are Ufos monitoring how we are using these weapons? And Is the secrecy on the Ufos therefore primarily due to the fact that they have and still can disable our goverments most powerful weapons of defense and are thus a major threat to national security?
Also is it no co-incidence that Ufo events (like Roswell in 1947) increased dramatically since the mid 1940's when nuclear weapons were developed? Your comments appreciated:

Ufo shoots off dummy nuclear warhead with its lazer or paticle beam weapon at Patterson Airforce base during a test launch. Then covered up and the video footage taken by a government official. Nuclear launch sites have in the past have had their missles and computer systems fried around the world. Whistle blowers have witnessed Flying saucers hover over nuclear missles in their launch bays and destroyed them right before their eyes the bases were unable to do anything to stop them

larry king
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