Saturday, March 28, 2009

UFO Cattle Mutilation over Hot Sulpher Spring, Winterpark

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I went for a motorcycle ride headed towards Hot Sulpher Springs near Winterpark, CO. To avoid the rain I took a county road 55 or Cottonwood pass. I noticed a dead cow and decided to investigate. What I found seems to be a classical mutilation case with anus cored, utters clipped, jaw portion removed and looks like it was cauterized. I should mention that the farmer thought that the cow had been dead no more than 48 hours or less, she didn't know how the 2 triangle marks could have been made in front of the utter. She also thought that the cow was pregnant and was puzzled that the animal had not been scavenged much.
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Anonymous said...

If this video isn't a sick hoax or anything like that, I think this has to be the best and most amazing video I've ever seen.

Can't quite understand why some people rated this below 5...

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