Saturday, April 25, 2009

Media again on Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell

Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell has really brought the attention of the media to the urgent need for Ufo disclosure at this years X-Conference 2009 event. Here is yet another new report following the Dr Mitchells revelations (its interesting to note that webbots predicticted NASA secrets to come out in 2009 - is this part of this?)
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Anonymous said...

This reporter gentleman is very sympathetic. However, he appears to be afraid of the lady sitting next to him, or of the 'consequences' of speaking. You can well imagine the situation--in a democratic nation, where freedom of speech is guaranteed, one finds it hard to speak of some general topic. What to speak of places where there is no freedom of speech. Ex-military men, and others don't speak of UFOs or ALIENS just because of this.

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