Saturday, October 24, 2009

As the web bots predicted - dumping of the US dollar - China dumps it

As you may know the 2009 web bot predictions written well over a year ago had the main keyword theme of 'dumping of the Us dollar' - meaning that the US dollar would be dumped as a common trade currency. I had never heard of this term 'dumping' before but low and behold as we proceed to the end of 2009 the term is becoming common place.

According to the web bots dumping of the US dollar is the start of a chain of events that will see the US currency becoming worthless and resulting in US military pull outs from all over the world. The rush for gold and silver will be a sign the dollar is dying.

This very interesting article looks at how dumping of the US dollar has been initiated by the Chinese: Wake Up Washington! China Is Already Dumping the Dollar, - , Harvard University professor Niall Ferguson, the author of "The Ascent of Money," is warning China has begun "dumping the dollar" by buying gold and commodities including oil rights around the world.

The dumping of the US dollar has dire implications and means basically the US economy will crumble and the dominance of the US will fade and the quality of life of US citizens will go down.

Problems starting to show:

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