Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Now a Close up of that Ufo over Niagra Falls

Now a close-up of that object seen directly over Niagra falls Oct 17th.
Slightly colored lights with a shooting reflection - people say it was metal reflecting back light. What could this be - a probe?
Please advise if you have further information or photos from your cell phone of this very interesting sighting.
The last famous Ufo sighting over Niagra happened back in 1968 was found to likely have caused the 1965 blackouts (lets hope it doesn't happen again).

The unidentified object appeared around 10 p.m. and hovered in the sky for a couple of hours.

Several witnesses reported seeing an object that appeared to be obscured by clouds. However, when the revolving strobe lights from the casino flashing into the sky came together, “something” in the sky was illuminated.

Some reported seeing blue lights. Others recalled red beams of light.

“It seemed like it was right above us. You couldn’t see past the clouds, but there was something up there.”
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