Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Roswell - Ex-Military & witness Deathbed Confessions

So many old military staff have decided to come forward with deathbed confessions about what they saw at Roswell in 1947 that these testimonials can simply no longer be ignored . (see old posts here & here).

I mean why would ex-military staff even come up with such things and document their testimonies right just before they die ? - just think about the reasoning why these 90 yrs olds are coming forward like this - for sure one thing you don't do is tell lies on your deathbed!. During the time in 1947 they were sworn to secrecy by the US government because what they saw was so profound it was 'beyond top secret' and this is why they were forced to take oaths to keep these secrets till their deaths. Its a shame the media isn't picking up on this important testimonial evidence - it really validates what happened.

Don Schmitt shared deathbed confessions, witness testimony and other evidence related to the 1947 Roswell Incident, in the latter half of the program. He characterized Roswell as the "ultimate cold case," and has approached it like a crime investigation. One witness who came forward was Sgt. Earl Fulford, who was part of the recovery team after the crash. He described picking up debris that crumpled in his hand but then returned to its shape and size. It's possible that this material was related to an assignment Wright Patterson AFB gave to the Battelle Institute in 1948 to develop a "self-healing" metal. The special project created the new alloy "Nitinol," Schmitt detailed.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you. I absolutely love your blog.


Jim said...

So now it's egg-shaped?? Every reference,every depiction I've ever seen,,,,,It was a disc wasn't it ???

Antonio said...

That's what confuses me Jim about all this UFO information. There's so much conflicting information all the time. I wish full disclosure happened and honesty was valued so that people could know the truth of everything including UFO;s

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