Friday, October 09, 2009

Ufo Fleet over Greek Isle of Hydra in the Aegean Sea 27th September 2009

A strange fleet of glowing cloud-like UFOs were seen on Sunday 27th September 2009 by many tourists and locals on the Greek Isle of Hydra in the Aegean Sea. The UFO fleet was observed silently floating across the sky until it disappeared from view. RealUfos would like to know if you were there and have any further photos of the ufos. If so please respond to this post .

Click on Below images to see higher quality photos:

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Anonymous said...


why is there so few material if this phenomenon has been seen by a lot of turists ? The photographs seem to be shot by the same person... any video ? any other point of view ?

. said...

Eh. Not convinced. They look like light reflections (from behind) i.e. the pictures were taken through a pane of glass.

Bianca said...

These days it's too easy to manipulate photos. I'd rather believed it, if it was a video.
I just don't believe in photo "evidence"..

Anonymous said...

Little puffy clouds.

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