Friday, October 09, 2009

Recent Earthquakes and HAARP ?

Everytime there are alot of earthquakes people always email me and say its because of HAARP. I am very wary to jump to such conclusions but since ionpsheric aural changes were video taped and seen right before the Chinese Earthuqakes in Sischuan last year i am more curious now when earth quakes occur.

Two large earthquakes occured in Samoa (with Tsunamis) and Sumatra on September 29 and 30. Then five earthquakes near Vanuatu on Thursday morning. Many seismologists are puzzled why so many earthquakes have occured so close together - One researcher commented "For two great earthquakes to occur within hours in such a way, it is abnormal."

And so this is where HAARP theory comes in:

As you may or may not know HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. The below video explains how this experimental defense project can influence weather and cause earthquakes.

RealUfos would like to know that if you live in Samoa, Sumatra or Vanuatu and saw an aural cloud right before the earthquakes ( see below) then please respond to this post. Also if you ever see a large aura before an earthquake please take a picture .. cause in that case it is possible something else created the earthquake.

What the Aura looked like before the Sichuan Earthquake

HAARP and Earthquakes:

WHY WE should be worried about HAARP

remaining pts
Some people are attributing the recent Large Cloud over Moscow the other day to HAARP ..but it looks like a lenticular cloud to myself

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