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Captain James Howard talks about inflight Ufo encounter 1954

Before airline companies decided to punish pilots and keep Ufos a secret as policy today - many pilots in the 50's came forward publically with what they saw.
Pilots are very credible witnesses and their testimonies can not be ignored:

The incident occurred near Seven Island in Quebec, just after sunset on 29/06/1954. A BOAC Stratocruiser, from New York to London with 51 passengers, was tracked for 18 minutes (about 80 miles from flight path) by a large object and six smaller objects that flew in the "training" to curious his side. Stratocruiser The pilot was Captain James Howard, a highly respected officer navigating the always flying BOAC BOAC. At that time it had 7500 hours of flight. About 20 witnesses, including two passengers and crew, provided reports on the unprecedented nature of these objects.

On June 29, 1954, leaving the airport from New York Idlewild (now renamed John F. Kennedy), the Boeing Stratocruiser Centaurus to advance slowly BOAC (415 kph) at an altitude of 5700 m to Newfoundland for a stopover refueling before crossing the Atlantic and reach England.

Above the sea off the coast of Labrador, Capt. James Howard sees his left a huge object, apparently metallic, emerge from a hole in the cloud above him. 6 objects smaller surround.The larger the object begins to take several successive forms. Captain Howord draws in some of its notebook: these include a pear, a handset and a boomerang or a delta wing. The First Officer Lee Boyd contacted ground control and said: We are not alone. - We know, "they replied. - What is it? asks Boyd. - We do not know but we did take off a Saber (jet fighter) from Goose Bay to see.

UFOs after the Stratocruiser 5 km distance for 20 minutes watching the same speed as him, and are contemplated by the crew and 30 passengers. When the sword comes, the 6 smaller objects go online and melt one by one in the largest. It then begins to shrink. When the sword arrived, the UFO vanished.

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