Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Unexplained Electrical blackouts linked to Ufos

Our power companies would not like us to know this but a common cause of unexplained blackouts are often Ufo interactions! Numerous posts over the years have lead me to the conclusion that some electrical blackouts are caused by Ufos. Often the interactions cause damage for some reason to our equipment (could the Ufos be trying to power them selves up from our power grids?) (remember the damaged wind mill story?) .If you have any similar stories on this please comment. This very interesting report from Argentina links the blackout there to a recent Ufo sighting:
So Think twice people next time your power company says

Disclose.tv UFO over Argentina moments before blackout Video Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

Electric blackouts during ufo encounters....Really there is nothing new about that....It´s been a connection for as long as i can remember....

I can´t say it for my own experience since it´s was late at night and all lights were out already....Even though it landed very few feet from us none of us recall any blackouts or the strange electrical sensation many have experienced during a ufo encounter....

Anonymous said...

Whats new is that it was observed stealing electricity.

Years ago in Argentina I got caught rigging my electric meter , EMSA fined me $1oo pesos.

I just hope these criminal ET's get caught soon before they suck the country dry & I cant call my mom no more!

Anonymous said...

have video of 5 lights circlar causing powerouage butscared

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