Thursday, January 07, 2010

What a Ufo Year 2009 was!

As we progress into 2010 its always good to reflect on the passing year we have had in ufology.
Sightings are increasing every year for sure - is this cause more people have access to video cameras & cell phones then ever before? - please discuss.
Towards the end of 2009 alot of strange Ufo stuff happened...
like was that weird object in Russia .. did they work that out?
Lets recap....
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Wolfie! said...

The pyramid thing is easy, think about it with a bit of simple logic.

Russia is a major city with thousands of people in it. and out of every, say, five people, it's likely that at least one has a camera or a camera equipped mobile phone or both.

Yet there's a grand total of what, two of these russian pyramid videos, by the same person?

If the UFO was real, there ought to be thousands of videos, or at the very least, twenty, of the same object, from different angles posted to youtube and similar... but there's not.

Therefore, sad to say, it's fake.

Anonymous said...

seriously they are here! disclosure is so close all the signs are there get ready !!!!! i need more proof other than "its fake" prove it please and i will accept, i am sick of all these debunkers, you always quick to say Fake! "o thats fake" " o thats swamp gas" " o thats a mirage on a camera" dont insult me!so many crims are caught via CCTV every day dont see there been and debunkers there, as soon as there in something you don't understand or something you are SCARED of your out with the debunks. yes there are a lot of fakes out there but please have an open mind think of the possibility. its far more real than god i think, its there on camera, its there in EYE witneses very credirible EYE witness that have worked for nasa,navy, Army, air traffic control and even heads of states. WAKE UP PLEASE!!!!!

firzen1 said...

Nice compilation, but the "over-dramatic" music is really annoying.

Anonymous said...

Yep good clip but not a lot to recap on that Russia video other than it being an elaborate fake, a bit like that Spanish beach "ufo recovery" video and the "plane being swallowed by a UFO". Entertaining to watch, but most people are used to checking news reports & witness statements too and these quickly show which videos (or supposed sightings) are fake!

Anonymous said...

We are awake and looking for the truth. I know this , there are many crazy humans that are faking UFO and Alien encounters. These humans are very , very sick and do not know it . And here also is a truth , the real UFO's and Aliens are here and not going away. There will be more real siteings and contacts and more and more.

Jeff said...

Sure, there's no way to debunk any of these without absolute proof, but you can posit a probability to each based on what we do know. I'd have to agree with Wolfie! that the pyramid is *likely* fake based on the simple fact that if you have a giant pyramid floating over the downtown of one of the most populous cities in the world, and given that a majority of people have at least still cameras on their phone, there'd be plenty more photographic and video evidence of the phenomenon. And the lights over Chile - if you watch it closely and allow for the fact that they could be the Chilean air force in formation (with a single white front light), that starts to become a very plausible explanation. That's not to say that I don't see a lot of stuff on YouTube that I can't explain and seems more likely to be alien in nature (and you have to take this whole YouTube-based evidence with a grain of salt anyway), but if you use some critical thinking on each and every one, some are much more plausible as known phenomena than others.

Anonymous said...

I think most people would agree that grammer tends to reflects an individuals intelligence. So when you can barely write a complete sentence, you're not really giving yourself a chance in winning people over with your opinions.

I don't think everyone that debunks these videos is "scared", but rather approaching with a much more open mind than the one you claim to have. To immediately assume that an anomalous object caught on film is a UFO, rather than investigating other possibilities is entirely closed minded.

I'd love to believe in UFO's or extraterrestrial life, but thanks to people like you and the person that made this montage video with the horrendously dramatic soundtrack (seriously, do you only watch James Cameron films?), I shy away from my stance. You really make "truth-seeking" seem like juvenile bullshit.

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