Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ufo sightings above Norfolk windmill

This new sighting in Norfolk isn't the first time a Ufo has been seen checking out windmills. Remember that sighting from over a year ago when a windmill in the UK was seen damaged after a Ufo encounter.
RealUfos would like to hear from anyone in Norfolk who may have seen  this light or any unusual lights recently:

A UFO could be checking out our old technology - as it sails over a Norfolk windmill.
The mystery object was captured by a local photographer - putting a fresh spin on old saying "Normal for Norfolk".

Stunned Peter Rye, 57, only realised it was on his images of Downham Market's Denver mill - taken for a calendar - when he checked them later.

Peter, of King's Lynn, said: "From the photos it moved across the sky from right to left."

UFO expert Nick Pope said: "It's an interesting image."

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Jason said...

Never did hear the result of, The Damaged wind turbine,with one of its blades ripped off, in Conisholme,Lincolnshire,2nd.Jan.2009 UK.I think the Blade was sent to Germany for tests.Does any one know,if the report on the Damaged Blade,is out yet?? Would like to know!!

Bathtub said...

I wonder if it's a flare on the lens caused by the security light? I always find it odd when photographers find something on images they didn't notice at the time. Seeing things that are out of the ordinary and checking them out is surely an essential human skill?
It's interesting though that the photographer talks about the object moving - are there other shots in a sequence which show this?

Anonymous said...

Lights in the sky do not prove anything other then there are lights in the sky. It is time for those that are responsible for the lights to stand forth. This game of guess who is no fun any more. It's time to put up or shut up. It's time to lay the cards on the table. This game of peek-a-boo is stupid. What is the point of coming to this planet time after time after time to play guess who. Here is my message to the players of this game , you have loose screws in your heads.

Anonymous said...

The only thing lights in the sky prove is that there are lights in the sky.

Bathtub said...

@ Jason:
The blade on the Lincolnshire turbine failed due to fatigue in the composite material, which is quite a common fault.

and numerous other reports.

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