Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Im Back

Hi All,

Just back here from my most recent trip in Brasil (the travelling is the reason for pause in the most recent posts). During my travels around the country I heard first hand some amazing stories and testimonies from locals who have witnessed Ufos and had direct abduction experiences.
It seems like certain areas in brasil are vortexes and the energy attracts the Ufos somehow.
We do live in interesting times!

Will be posting more and i have a backlog of updates which will follow shortly,

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Matt! Nice to see you again.

Hope you had a good time over there.

Anonymous said...

What....no pictures of your trip? what about some stories?

Anonymous said...

Yes..I want more......

Black Cat said...

hey welcome back man, i was like "why there is no update" now i know. hey if u have the time maybe u can write someone of those stories. anyways welcome back again.

-black cat

Anonymous said...


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