Monday, May 17, 2010

Did you see that flying V UFO over LA ?

I have received numerous videos of a V-triangular shaped object over LA recently. Please advise if you also spotted this object

Witness reports from MUFON:

"Watching American idol when LOUD jet noise was heard directly over my house. Ran outside to see quick moving aircraft heading south-southeast towards a bright shining light in the sky, almost like a satellite burning up in the atmosphere. Within seconds the bright light disappeared and the military jet cut its engines. The jet headed towards the south.
10 minutes later the jet returned. FULL afterburners on, I could see the red-hot cone of a jet engine, very distinctive, no other running lights. It banked s-sw and then cut it's engines once again.
Soon after I saw something high in the sky, a string of red pulsing lights shaped in a V. Moving slowly, no sound whatsoever. It lumbered overhead for several minutes before fading out of sight

I didn't see the jet or anything else that night. Several hundred people called into the local sheriffs office to report it. "
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Push Back said...

Stupid games that make no sense. Military jets that are in a big hurry , but do nothing. . . Military aircraft that are in a big hurry , but do nothing. . .

Push Back said...

Yes I have observed alien space craft. . My self and maybe 5 other humans on this planet have had it with these stupid games. I say it's time to break some eggs. The saying goes on this planet , The shit hit the fan. . Let the chips fall where they may. . It's time to dance.

Ran said...

I haven't seen anything recently and the last time was early 2000 in which one flew overhead by march air force base in California... no blinking lights and near the end of the wings were long glowing blue fluorescent looking lights... That's the only way I know how to describe it... no sound either !

Anonymous said...

Do you remember when I was in LA
When everybody drove a Chevrolet

Majestic12 said...

Do not fear humankind - Push Back and the Fantastic Five are going to save us from these stupid alien games using a top secret weapon made from eggs, chips, shit and a fan. Then to finish the job, They will top it all, by doing some kind of special anti-alien tribal dance. This should be good.

Push Back said...

Majestic12 has a creative sense of humor , I like it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Majestic12. You would do well not to invoke the wrath of those such as Push Back & his "5" other human friends. I mean think about it; apparently his has a limitless supply of eggs(and presumably their recycled shells from other such other worldly massacres), various forms of excrement along with their dehydrated "Chips" which are launched through oscillating fans of monstrous proportions(like those huge windmill thingy's you see in environmentally based TV commercials). And let us not forget "the horror...the horror" of their celebratory break(wind) dancing that follows the mud, the blood, and the beer.
I shutter at the image of it all!
So be VERY afraid!

Anonymous said...

Well said Majestic12!
And I suppose it all will happen in Laconia , New Hampshire UK?
It should be interesting especially the fan part.

Anonymous said...

Can we bring chips to eat while we watch, or are they going to steal them for their secret weapon? I get hungry.

Push Back, are you by chance... Mitch Buchanan?

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