Friday, May 21, 2010

UFO's over Cregagh Road, East Belfast

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Footage of three UFO's over the Cregagh Road in East Belfast on the night of Friday 14th May 2010. The footage was taken near the Bellsbridge Roundabout. Please note that the object(s) in question are the three lights formed in a triangle to the upper-central part of the screen. The lights at the bottom left-hand corner are buildings and street lights on the ground. ~ A witness saw what appeared to be an aircraft out of control and crashing to the ground with a trail of fire behind it. When he went outside to look, he noticed that there was no sound from the plummeting object and the triangular shaped object (or three seperate objects) appeared. Other witnesses saw these lights disappearing and then return over the period of approximately 40 minutes. Sirens can be heard 26 seconds into the footage...could witnesses have called the Fire Brigade believing an aircraft had crashed??

News Article on the report

AN east Belfast man has told of his "wonderment" at witnessing a mysterious flying object over the city's night sky. Richard Barr was at his mother Elaine's Cregagh Road home last Friday watching television when a "huge orange light" attracted their attention.
Stunned by what they saw, both went into the back garden to investigate, only to discover further strange lights hovering above.

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S said...

This would appear to be a self evidently genuine capture with corroborating narrative about the event from several different sources. The video taker had the presence of mind to hold a fixed point of reference within the frame which clearly demonstrates that whatever these lights were, they were not moving appreciably, if at all, and were holding a more or less fixed triangular reference position in relation to each other. The individual lights are also seen to extinguish and then 're-light' at random points in the footage. All of these facts, when considered together, would tend to rule out chinese lanterns as the usual explanation for this type of sighting. The lack of movement and CAA nav lights also rules out conventional fixed wing aircraft. That only really leaves a balloon/blimp or helicopter derived hoax as a possibility, neither of which seem likely given that this type of identical sighting is by now a well established and frequent event internationally. A very interesting and well captured piece of footage.

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe that an Irishman could hold a cam that steady that late on a Friday night.

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