Monday, August 16, 2010

Ufo filmed in New Jersey during Thunderstorm

July 2010 - 2 Strange objects filmed during thunderstorm in New Jersey, it my be Ball lightning or something in the background..
your comments appreciated
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Anonymous said...

Why is this not a fly on the window?

Anonymous said...

One of the oldest and crudest kinds of UFO fakes: filming the reflection of a light source emanating from behind the "witness," in his room, against the windowpane that he's filming out of - and it's even easier to work this particular con job when it's dark (or twilight) outdoors.

Anonymous said...

A ufo, Ball lightning, easy conclusion!? but without knowing if there was a hill in the distance,with say; a building with lights in or on it, or a Vehical with its lights on; is hard to know.BIG QUESTION ????

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