Monday, September 06, 2010

A Closer look at NASA's SKYLAB III UFO Encounter

Another re-look at the famous Skylab III Ufo incident that was documented &  highly credible:

Posters comments:

This presentation begins with a brief history of NASA's "Skylab" program before focusing on a bizarre UFO encounter that occurred on September 20th, 1973, during Flight Day 55 of the Skylab III (SLM-2) mission. This UFO encounter can be classified as a highly credible case as it was witnessed by all three Skylab crew members, with the astronauts observing and photographing the unidentified object for at least a 10-minute period before both Skylab and the UFO crossed the sunset terminator into darkness and visual contact was finally lost.

The Skylab III encounter remains a confirmed UFO sighting that has never been explained. What is certain is that the Skylab III crew had no idea what this bizarre pulsating red object was, and neither does NASA or NORAD (at least officially).
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Anonymous said...

Great posting recently. More of the meat and potatoes and less of the lanterns. Thanks for your efforts ( :

John Umana said...

We should pay heed to what U.S. astronauts observe. This was an encounter with an ET spacecraft on 9/20/73 on Flight Day 55 of the Skylab III (SLM-2) mission. What we are seeing here is an ET craft that is following Skylab from ~ 50 miles out, monitoring and photographing. They made themselves visible for about 20 minutes, but likely were observing Skylab much longer. There is no other life in the solar system, as of NASA/other space agencies' most recent discoveries. But the Milky Way is teeming with life and with intelligent life. Compare what Apollo 11 crew observed on day 3 of their mission. John Umana

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