Saturday, September 11, 2010

Large Triangle Ufo over Kwinana Western Australia - 6th September 2010

I'd like to thank a reader for this recent Ufo photo submission. This is a real find here and it reveals a large triangle formation with 2 red lights and one white light at the peak. This light configuration is often seen in triangular Ufo reports. If you live in WA and also witnessed this sighting, then RealUfos wants to hear from you as well, please reply to this post if you have further information.

Eyewitness comments:
6th September 2010 Kwinana Western Australia, my neighbour and I saw two slow moving Red/orange bright lights the size of the biggest star. I raced inside to take a photo and flashed the camera a few times when they stopped moving, then suddenly proceeded to move slowly. Still in eye distant and at the same size just vanished into thin air. The time was 7pm at night with clear star light sky. This is the second time as the first time was in early August we both saw one same such light at 11pm with a clear night sky. We both pointed as it was moving in our direction then it sudden turned around and just vanished. The local newspaper I think does not quite believe it. I have 3 photos and we saw what we saw.
The red lights are small on the photos but they were large as the largest star first seen of the night sky.

 The triangle:

Rotating :

Kwinana Western Australia  - is down the  bottom left of Australia:

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Anonymous said...

since this is a photo and not a video, it could be anything. give me 10 minutes and i can make a series of pictures like this with photoshop, than all i need is a cool description and i'm on...

i'm not saying this is 100% fake, i just think we need to be sceptic about photo material like this.

M C Walton said...

Awesome! A photo of three dots!

Anonymous said...

What needs to happen is the this guy needs to have a video camera and a HIGH POWERED TOURCH. It would be an amazing sight to see

QPerth said...

Not actually commenting on the photo of dots - but there is a joint Australia/US Military base not too far from there, & an airforce base further north.

Anonymous said...

FACT: It was two blokes, who fired three recently purchased rockets, into the air.

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