Thursday, September 23, 2010

Did anyone else see that triangle Ufo over singapore recently?

RealUfos would like to hear from anyone from Singapore who may have witnessed this recent triangular ufo like sighting (please reply). Rumours are that it may be a military kite or remote controlled craft but the object does look quite large from the ground. Your comments apprecisted on this one:
Spotted 21st September 2010:

"I was smoking at my home kitchen window around 11pm at Upper Paya Lebar and happened to see 3 shimmering lights in the sky, moving slowly in a uniform triangular pattern.

"I immediately took 2 photos of them before they slowly passed over my roof around 11pm at the Upper Paya Lebar area." Continue reading at source

Poster comments: This video was taken at around 10:20pm. excuse the video quality since this was taken on my mobile phone. the thing that struck me about this is that the three orange/red lights was initially in a perfect triangle, then it started to change shape.
I highly doubt that these were commercial/millitary aircrafts since I've seen lots of them fly by before and they're usually easily recognised as low-flying, fast moving, and you can see white lights at the bottom of the aircrafts accompanied by blinking red lights. But in this case, the lights were PURE ORANGE/RED solid lights. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

i was waiting for someone to pose smth like this.

unlike u i didnt see three lights. i saw one bringht orange orb at about 9pm in central area. it was glowing bringht orange, but larger and more luminous than any airplane lights, no flashes, just a solid somewhat hazy glow, as if it was made of flames.

it appeared to be stationary for a few moments, then moved a little (which in actual fact is quite a vast distance judging fromhow high it was) then it went stationary again,then moved again. did that about 3 times. an airplane or helicopter has more of a constant rate of movement and linear path of flight, it was kinda exhibiting hovering movements.

after a little while it grew faint and started moving off. it grew faint and then lit up again and then faint and bright intermittently at irregular interals and intensities for 3 or 4 times before just disappearing totally

Anonymous said...

Why the Triangle Shape or patton??...Rumours are, that it may be a military Kite!...A Kite!?...Well there yu go!?..It must be the string theory! lol.. A little bit Remote!?

hazeray said...

Hey.. i got these pictures taken from Malaysian border facing Singapore. it was taken on 29th of October 2010 around 8 to 10 PM which clearly shows a bright 3 lights in a triangular formation changing colors from red to blue then to white~orange. I know its not starts coz one of it moves left to right. The picture was taken using a Canon cam where it was set to prolong the light exposure. (i dunno what the setting is. i'm not a pro) Contact me for the pics.

Taster said...

Very strange i saw this same triangular shape with lights end each end couple weeks near Lor Ah Soo - above private estates. It cant be a kite cause its very stationery up there. Furthermore it was huge. I wanted to take a pic n was moving to better angle because the street lights were glaring but few seconds later it disappeared / it cant be a kite for sure

Anonymous said...

Just saw this in Philadelphia, but three bright white lights. They were all aligned the same way as in the video..

Anonymous said...

Saw the same on December 24th in USA..

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